The Story of Nature to Homes

Who we are?

We believe in the People, Planet and the Profit-distribution of the economic results to the community. This led us to the unique idea of Nature To Homes, which is a way of life towards sustainable living. It’s a Sustainable venture of Greensmith Essentials India Pvt Ltd, jointly owned by Keralavoyages India Pvt Ltd, the first Travelife Certified Sustainable Tour Operator in India and our sister concern Ergo Consulting Services India Pvt Ltd. Our company is accredited as a Start Up by The Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India. The entire management and crew members of both Companies are a part of the project so that the benefits go to everyone involved.

We are trying to do our part on supporting the local community by creating a wider platform to their products, the environment by only selling Eco friendly, Natural and Safe to consume products and the Economic distribution responsibly among the Social Entrepreneurs and Farmers.

We have created a platform with handpicked natural eco-friendly products to enrich your home shopping with a sustainable feeling. All our products are natural. When you buy from us, you are supporting the social entrepreneurs and farmers directly who have very limited access to their customers. We will also let you know about their work, so you will understand why you are buying products from our store.

We will give you an opportunity to read the story about every Social Entrepreneur on our board to enable you to decide why you should support a social cause. Basically when you make a purchase, you are getting Natural and fresh products and you are supporting the Entrepreneurs who have no access to a wide audience otherwise. You may find a bit of over intimacy on each story .Please don’t take us wrong. It’s because almost all our partners are personally known to us.

Nature to Homes assures natural, chemical free or safe to consume products. As most of the products are handcrafted and subject to seasons we have a human element to assist you to get an idea when we expect the delivery to be effected or what alternative we have for you. This is another exclusivity of our store. You talk to human beings and not machines.

Though we use the latest technology integration to make your shopping easy, at times we may need your cooperation to listen to our team. Most of our products are freshly made as per order due to a lower shelf life as we don’t use chemicals or additives, and hence we may contact you to explain an expected delivery date or non- availability of any product due to seasonal issues. But you will never regret on this short interventions because we make sure that you get the fresh stocks.

As we have a farming background, we have included whole spices as one product which comes directly from our farms. You will have option to buy fully organic spices and normal farm produces grown using organic manure and non-hazardous permitted pesticides. The spices like cardamom have the minimum impact of permitted chemicals and safe to consume. We will have limited organic supplies of cardamom too.

Our professional team of networking partners is formed from different sustainable backgrounds. This enables us to offer exclusive free consultancy services to our customers when needed. Our senior naturalist is an expert on nature related subjects, organic farming and gardening especially with ornamental plants and biodiversity conservation.

Green Bubble is our exclusive division for micro farming in the urban spaces.  As evident from our Sustainability theme, it’s always our look out for opportunities to reach the community where we can enhance our networking and bring mutual sustainable results for all those involved.

Our Senior Consultant Mr Benny Kurien, is one of the best Naturalists and expert on organic/container farming. Benny is a bio diversity expert which helps us to have an edge on the best farming methods depending upon the area of farming, its soil condition and geographical features. Both he and Our Director George Scaria are experts on Sustainability training also.

Micro gardening is more applicable to people who are living in small spaces. We can also call it backyard farming, small space farming, urban farming, grow bag farming, small container farming etc. depending on size of space and farming methods. Growing vegetables, fruits, nuts etc. in small containers or grow bags in a small place is generally called micro farming. Animal husbandry and fisheries also come under micro farming .Here the basic parameter is space. The idea came from effective utilization of small space for producing DIY (Do It Yourself) food. The idea is accepted and practiced globally with an objective to meet the demand of growing population, reducing carbon footprint, healthy eating etc.

Our team will help you to avoid common mistakes in micro farming which keeps many away from this. Micro farming is a simple art and science to learn and practice. Presently our consultancy services are available in Kochi City limits. We can customize each space into a beautiful green bubble to bring more Oxygen and healthy food.

Nature To Homes offers only good things for your life!



When few likeminded friends decided to join to create a business to solve problems faced by tourists because of the middlemen involvement, they never thought that the partnership will reach a level of sustainability and social commitment in the next ten years.

The team started working together in 2010 at Keralavoyages India Pvt Ltd to bring solutions to travellers for curating tailor-made sustainable tours in South India. They found that local networking at destinations and involving local people are the best way to ensure a real experience to tourists. During their journey they found Benny Kurian, a passionate nature lover and social entrepreneur involved in training the tribal people to make a decent livelihood and more. Since then the team started evolving completely towards sustainable practices in business and in life. In November 2020, Keralavoyages got Travelife Certified Award for their Sustainable initiatives and Corporate Social responsibility   according to Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria. This came with an extensive sustainability training and certification to all team members too.

In their ongoing journey with many social entrepreneurs, they identified two basic problems in the common man’s life which they wanted to find a solution within their limits. First one was that many of the small social entrepreneurs are not getting an access to the customers due to location disadvantages and budget constraints for advertising. Second problem is that a genuine customer who wants to buy natural and eco-friendly products has no access to such products on a regular basis.

The idea of Nature to Homes was born from this responsible thinking. They formed Greensmith Essentials India Pvt Ltd jointly by Keralavoyages India Pvt Ltd and their sister Concern Ergo Consulting Services India Pvt Ltd. The new sustainable brand expects a revolution in the realm of social entrepreneurship and women empowerment. All the products sold on the Nature-to-Homes-platform will be sourced directly from the producer or the co-operative societies so that the benefit goes directly to the producer or their social enterprise to be divided among its members. Secondly, genuine customers looking for natural and eco products have the right source – not only to purchase but to get proper advices on how to improve the sustainability around each one. Also the team behind the venture consists of the entire management and the crew of both Companies so that everyone involved shares the results.

Nature to Homes has an exclusive horticulture and micro farming section Green Bubble where interested customers can avail consultancy services from naturalist Benny and other farm experts. This division is mainly to promote Micro Container Farming in the small spaces in the cities. The team will also give proper and updated training to all the producers to enable them to incorporate sustainable practices so that they bring minimum load to our planet.

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