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Greensmith Essentials India Pvt Ltd , is a sustainability based Company, jointly owned by  Keralavyages India Pvt Ltd, the first Travelife Certified Sustainable Tour Operator in India and our sister concern Ergo Consulting Services India Pvt Ltd. All our crew are trained on Sustainability and hence we make sure there is a noble cause in our activities to conserve the three pillars of Sustainability- People, Planet & The Reasonable Economic Distribution among the stakeholders.

Nature To Homes is our Eco Community Store to give you the best with a sustainable cause. Both our Physical stores and Online Store makes your shopping more convenient.

We are trying to do our part on supporting the Social Entrepreneurs and farmers in our local community by creating a wider platform to sell their products directly to the end user, the environment by only selling Eco friendly, Natural and Safe to consume products and the Economic distribution responsibly among the Social Entrepreneurs and Farmers.

All our products eco-friendly or naturally grown to enrich your home shopping with a sustainable feeling.  When you buy from us, you are supporting the social entrepreneurs and farmers directly who have very limited access to their customers.

We will give you an opportunity to read the story about every Social Entrepreneur on our board to enable you to decide why you should support a social cause. All our suppliers are personally known to us to make sure that only good things come to our shop.

Nature to Homes assures natural, chemical free or safe to consume products. As most of the products are handcrafted and subject to seasons, we have a human element to assist you to get an idea when we expect the delivery to be affected or what alternative we have for you. This is another exclusivity of our store. You talk to human beings and not machines.

Planet which we live is always on our priority. Green Bubble is a fully sustainable project of Greensmith Essentials to do our bit on the bio diversity conservation in the urban areas. We have an expertise on the bio diversity which will be the base of our project. At Green Bubble, we help urban living community to start growing organic vegetables in micro containers and assist them with proper advices to maintain the same. We also have a wide range of indoor & outdoor ornamental plants to decorate your home and garden. We have the expertise of planting even fruit trees in Containers, if your space is limited to your apartment balcony or terrace.

Our effort is to make our living atmosphere better. Whether it’s the conservation of Bio Diversity or enriching the lives of the micro and small social entrepreneurs, especially women, we do our bit through this venture. When you patronise our venture, you extend your hand to a community which needs your support.

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