Green Bubble

Green Bubble is an exclusive bio diversity conservation division of Greensmith Essentials (India) Pvt Ltd, a Start Up Company accredited by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt of India. The idea is derived from our Sustainability focus based on its three Pillars-People, Planet and Responsible Distribution of Economic Results among the stakeholders.

At Green Bubble, our primary focus is on the urban population to train and prompt them to initiate micro container farming in different verticals. Our expert team can guide them on organic farming in small spaces, community farming in apartment complexes, villas or Residential groups, planting of fruit trees in containers and keeping thematic indoor and outdoor ornamental plants.

Green Bubble is mainly focused on the bio diversity conservation in an area which will help negation of Carbon emission and more Oxygen availability around us. As maintaining our Planet in a better way, we try to do our bit to educate the local community and promote sustainable micro farming techniques.

Green Bubble is not just a business activity ended by initiating a project. Our team will be with our clients who are willing to create green bubbles in their living spaces. Our expert advices can help them to maintain their micro farms very well.

Green Bubble also offers consultancy services on maintaining bio diversity to have a better eco system around us. Our senior Naturalist and Bio Diversity expert Mr Benny Kurian will be heading this division. We will also happy to conduct exclusive sessions for students in schools and colleges to groom them towards creating a better Planet.

Green Bubble also will be happy to associate with the Local Administration to help them to incorporate sustainable bio diversity conservation plans in their city development or any constructions coming up. We will also tie up with the major builders to help them to identify and implement viable green initiatives in their new projects.