Millet Recipes

Kambu Dosa/Pearl Millet Dosa


Kambu/ Pearl Millet:100 grams

Raw Rice:50 grams

Uzhunnu/Black gram:50 grams

Uluva/fenugreek: half tea spoon

Aval/Rice flakes: Two Table Spoons


Soak Kambu, raw rice, black gram, and fenugreek in water for 5 hours. Keep Aval/rice flakes in water for five minutes and grind it along with the above ingredients already wet, as a paste and keep it for fermentation. Once its fermented, add salt to taste and prepare your dosa. If you like the taste of ghee, you may sprinkle the same while preparing dosa.



Barnyard Millet(Kuthiravali)  Upuma


Barnyard Millet: One Cup

Small onion, ginger and green chilly sliced small

Mustard seed, Oil, Curry leaves and salt


Roast Barnyard Millet Rava. Boil the oil and roast the  mustard seed. Later add curry leaves, ginger, green chilly, small onion etc. sliced to be sauted. When its brown in color, add Two and a Half cup of water. Once the added water is boiled, add fried Millet Rava with salt to taste and mix as a paste and cover it with sim heat until the water is evaporated. Later you may serve to eat.




Ragi Laddu (Sweet Dish)


Ragi Powder: One Cup

Grated Coconut: One Cup

Milk: One and a half cup

Cardamom Powder: Half tea spoon

Badam, Pista, jaggery and ghee


Fry Ragi Powder well and add half cup grated coconut and stir well. Later add milk, cardamom powder and jaggery to the mix and stir well. sliced badam and pista to be boiled in ghee and add to the mix and stir well. Later in lukewarm heat, the batter should be rolled as balls and dip in the rest of the grated coconut. Ragi laddu is ready to eat.



Little Millet (Chama) Payasam (Sweet)


Little Millet: Half Cup

Milk: Three cups

Sugar: One and a half cup

Ghee, Cashew Nuts and Raisins


Washed and cleaned Little Millet should be cooked in three cups of water. Add Milk and sugar and stir well. Cook in sim heat until it becomes thick as per your choice. Switch off the stove and add Cashew and raisins fried in ghee. Little Millet Payasam Ready.




Kodo Millet (Varagu Rice) Upuma


Kodo Millet: One Cup

Grated Carrot: Half cup

Grated Coconut: Half Cup

Water: Two Cups

Ghee: One Tea Spoon

Mustard seed: One tea spoon

Urdu dal: Two Tea spoons

Green chilly, ginger, curry leaves and small onion sliced well and Salt to taste


Keep the Millet clean ready for cooking. Saut mustard seed, ginger, Curry leaves, onion, green chilly in ghee and add urdu dal. Once the urdu dal turns brown, add grated carrot and saut well to be cokked. Add Two cups of water, add salt and let the water boil. Later add the Millet and wait till the water is evaporated. Switch off the stove and add grated Coconut and cover it for sometime. Millet Upuma is ready to serve.




Banyard Millet (Kuthiravaly Rice) Curd Rice


Banyard Millet:250 Grams

Set Curd medium fermented:250 ML (Or as per choice)

Ginger: One small piece

Mustard Seed: One Tea Spoon

Whole Dried Red Chilly: Four

Ginger, curry leaves sliced well and Salt to taste


Clean the Millet  and cook well in a pressure cooker until three whistles. Keep the cooked Millet open to cool down. Saut mustard seed, ginger, Curry leaves in cooking oil/coconut oil. Cut the Red chillies into small pieces and add to the pan just before putting it off. When the cooked Millet is cold enough, add curd and other sauted ingredients to it and mix well until the ingredients are well mixed. Add salt to taste. Your Millet Card Millet Rice is ready. As per dietary preferences, you may add raisins also to the mix. This Curd Millet Rice will go well with fresh grated cucumber and onion or with a pickle.




Foxtail Millet (Thina Rice) Upuma


Foxtail Millet:1 Cup (Approx 150 Grams)

Oil or Ghee: Two Tea spoons

Cumin Seeds: Half Tea Spoon

Mustard Seed: Half Tea Spoon

Urdu Dal: One Tea Spoon

Curry Leaves: Two branches

Big Onion, Carrot & Tomato: One each nicely grated

Beans: Three numbers nicely grated

Green peas: Half Cup

Salt to taste


Clean the Foxtail Millet and soak in water for 15 minutes. Heat up a Pan and put the oil to saut mustard  seeds, cumin seeds and curry leaves. Later put the nicely grated onion, carrot and beans to saut well. Later add tomato and greenpeas and saut again. Add two cups of water and let it boil well. Once the water is boiled, add the millet along with salt and cook in medium flame for 15 minutes. Remember to mix the ingredients well in frequent intervals until its fully cooked. Your Foxtail Millet Upuma is ready to eat.